Born 1953 i Maribo. Denmark

Educaded as Grafic Designer on
Academy for Free and Commercial Art

Drawing by Otto Frello and
Hans Christian Rylander

Langegade 67
5300 Kerteminde
Member of DBF
Danske Billedkunstneres Forbund

Member of the artist group
"Groupe Danois"
Member of the artist group
"Mens vi venter på Noah"
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You can view and test my paintings with the free app artOmonde.
Sixty miniature works ready
Sixty miniature works ready to live the studio. I have been working on them for weeks. Now i am satisfied and happy to let them go.

Click on the picture to see the vidio.

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When life becomes Art

Book an interesting talk to you and your
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Resently Fynbo TV asked me, if I would
notify the exhibition with the Bulgarian painter
Vasil Petrov on the House of Art "Filosoffen"
in Odense. I said yes and below for you can
watch the broadcast.

TV portrate

During filming for my TV Review of Vasil
Petrov above, was made a portrait program
about me. Broadcast application will appear
on Funen TV, but can you not take the canal,
you can see the broadcast here. Click on the
photo. Enjoy!

Discover my works at
your walls

Would you like to see my works on your
walls - before you decide to buy - please contact
me and I will fill the car with pictures and come
to you for a future view.
No strings attached, of course.
+45 21 66 91 32


Quote of Colette:

The people who make the most of
life are not the ones who have lived in
hundred years, but those who live
every minute.

Poul Sabroe about my pictures:

"On the surface dynamic, available
and a good story, but on closer
inspection with an enticing depth: Should we
jump in here and take the chance? Either
we learn to swim or sink to the bottom as
a stone. So far we swim.
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A retired existence
As most of you have observed, I have not been so actively exhibit. This is because I work very intensely in the studio - with all the new work in a whole new style. Long days and evenings turn into new exciting works.
I'm really looking forward to presenting the new works for you. It's been a long time since I've taken a quantum leap - but it's happening now.
New paintings in Alborg, Denmark
The next time I show my brand new paintings/stile, will be at Kunst for Alle (Art fore Everyone) in Aalborg.
The last couple of years, Aalborg has been a very good place for me to exhibit, and I hope to see a lot og old as well as new costomers at the exhibition.
I am very excited about showing you all the new things.
You will find me at stand 63-64

Aalborg kultur og kongrescenter
Europa Pl. 4
DK-9000 Aalborg
Opening houers
26.04.2018 - kl. 17.00-20.00 Fernisering
27.04.2018 - kl. 11.00-17.00
28.04.2018 - kl. 10.00-17.00
29.04.2018 - kl. 10.00-17.00
From left: Vice Chairman, Kerteminde Erhvervsforening Klavs Kamuk. CEO, Lindø prot of Odense, Carsten Aa. Mayor of Kerteminde, Kasper Ejsing Olesen.
Text: Katrine Krebs
Photo: Emil Andresen 
A prize with meaning
The winner's award for the Innovation Company of the Year is traditionly a work of art of a localartist. This year, it is a painting by visual artist Michael Grønlund.
This year's innovation company, LINDØ port of ODENSE, received the painting "Brooklyn Bridge" in January, at an event at the Museum of Johannes Larsen. The event was held by Kerteminde Erhvervsforening and Kerteminde Municipality together. 
The "Brooklyn Bridge" painting matches the winner, who is also a bridge builder, between the port it self and it's businesses. The crane at the old Lindø yard has become a landmark for the area, and rises like a bridge pier towards the entrance to Kerteminde, "explains Michael Grønlund about the painting, which is acrylic on canvas and 1 x 1 meter.
Michael Grønlund has exhibited at galleries at home and abroad and is known for his colorful and distinctive paintings.
Painting Holiday on Bornholm
Yes it is right. We also do courses in Denmark. In 2018 the course is held in Allinge on lovely island Bornholm.
It's probably not Provence,
but Bornholm is AMAZING.
Painting Holiday in Provence 2017
This year's luxury painting holiday at the Notre Dame des Anges in Provence is over. The students really gave what they had and everyone has returned home with their backpack filled up with experiences, new knowledge about themselves, about their pictures and a good community that may be usefull in the longer term and in other contexts.


Painting Holiday 2018

We have already booked Notre Dame des Anges the same week next year. So if you think it might be something for you, then it's NOW you're going to book. There are many who wants a place - so hurry! The period will be

25. August - 1. September

Read more at www.maleferie.dk and sign up immediately.


Exhibition in the Philippines.
The next exhibition in the Philippines is currently underway. It's in Kudlit and is a part of the international Art Month 2018.
10. - 28. April 2018
Pictures form the groupe exhibition will come later.
Michael Grønlund, Langegade 67, 5300 Kerteminde, Denmark, Telefon +45 21 66 91 32, mgart@mail.dk